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European Phones and US phones


Elmer Bataitis

Jan 1, 1970
My stepson lives in Germany and I almost bought him a wireless phone for
a few bucks. But just before I went to spend the money realized that the
phone wiring systems may differ. Does anyone know or have a refernce to
what is the Euro phone jack (size and specs) and what are the values on
the lines?

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Jan 1, 1970
Elmer Bataitis:
For a "few bucks" he can buy a phone there..... I would guess that the
shipping alone will cost more than the phone.

Goran Larsson

Jan 1, 1970
Elmer Bataitis said:
Does anyone know or have a refernce to
what is the Euro phone jack (size and specs) and what are the values on
the lines?

As other posters have noted, the phone line connector is different and
the mains power is different. Both of these can be fixed using suitable
adapters/transformers, but you must also make sure that the frequency
band used by the phone is legal to use in Germany and that the phone is
approved for use in Germany (after all, it is a radio transmitter).
Frequencies are allocated for different uses in different countries,
e.g. old 40MHz US analog wireless phones used frequencies in the middle
of a Swedish military frequency band. Swedes buying cheap US analog
wireless phones quickly found out that the military was not amused when
the phones disturbed their equipment.

Problem areas:
* Phone line characteristics. (most likely not a problem)
* Phone line connector. (fixed by an adapter)
* Mains voltage/frequency. (fixed by an 230V/115V transformer)
* Mains connector. (fixed by an adapter)
* Frequency band used by the phone. (most likely wrong and unfixable)
* Approval by the German authorities. (most likely no approval)

Buy something else.


Jan 1, 1970
First, there is no such thing as THE euro phone jack. Across europe
you can find the most bizare (and incompatible!) shapes and sizes.

Hell, how about *across the hall* in a Rome hotel?
What a country.


Jerry Greenberg

Jan 1, 1970
If you send him a cordless phone, it must be able to work on the 220
Volt mains and have the proper electical plug to connect to the
electrical power. In some areas, the phone jacks are also different.
If you call the telephone company where he is located, they can answer
this for you.

You would be best off to let him buy the phone where he is, and when
he comes back home he can give it away to a friend that is staying
over there.

This would be the best value, and he would be gauranteed that it will

Jerry Greenberg