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Excellent customer service from this Hong Kong retailer


Don McKenzie

Jan 1, 1970
My eldest daughter Sharon, who runs a business in Darwin (, sent me this one.
She rarely sends me anything, so I assume she was very impressed with this. Thanks Shaz.

Dontronics also sends out a little gift with all International orders, even if it is a clip on Koala made in China,
without the Chinese sticker attached. A little piece of Australiana. :) The Japanese love them. They remember Skippy
and friends!


Excellent customer service from this Hong Kong retailer

I recently bought a protective case for my new Galaxy Samsung Tab. It wasn't easy to find one at a city retailer in
either Sydney or Perth (and not for want of trying - I spent a couple of hours looking for it in the Sydney CBD and a
large Perth shopping centre), so I ended up buying it on-line from an eBay retailer in Hong Kong.

It arrived last week - well within the 7-10 days estimated, and especially impressive because it was over the busy
Christmas period.

What's even better, the price was incredible - just $11.98, including postage (I did eventually see this at another
Perth shopping centre, and it was $25, for something that wasn't as good).

But that wasn't what impressed me the most. The best part of this buying experience was the slip of paper enclosed with
the package:

Full Story: an Experience

There are some other interesting stories on that page also.

Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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Dr Who

Jan 1, 1970
kreed said:
I have had those letters a few times too. It is nice to get, and you
don't get them here.

Same here.

Seems to be the trend out of China.

The way to go.