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external firewire case died - can I buy a replacement 1394/ide bridgepcb?



Jan 1, 1970
I've got an ADS Tech Pyro 1394 external firewire enclosure that appears
to be dead. 1394 Drive Kit

Drives will spin up and down and up and down when connected and
firewired to a computer... the drives are known to be good..
(accessible when in other external cases)..

I'm assuming the 1394/IDE bridge died in some way..

trying to ID this PCB, the silk screening says..
1394/IDE Bridge PCB
REV 6.1-V (WA02040M)

I'm guess as long as the form factor is the same, and it accepts the
standard voltage, I wouldn't need an exact matching PCB.

Can these be purchased? Can somebody direct me to a vendor?