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Extracting wire parasitic from silicon ensemble or other tool



Jan 1, 1970
Hi all,

I am using silicon ensemble for automatic place and route of some
iscas '85 benchmarks and then exporting the designs in gds2 format
which are then streamed (imported) into icfb (virtuoso). Then i have
to extract the spice netlist from the layout and run some simulations
on them using hspice. I also have to consider wire parasitics. I have
the following questions:
Is there anyway by which i can automate this by silicon ensemble or
any other tool?
If this cannot be automated what is the best method to use, which is
easily scalable (equally easy to apply on large benchmarks) by which i
can put in the wire parasitics in my spice file?
Also, i have one more question, which is not related to this, but what
exactly is the .dspf file which we can get from silicon ensemble?



Nimay Shah