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F/S: Tektronix 500MHz Scope color phosphor color Digital TDS3052



Jan 1, 1970
Like new.

a.. 500 MHz,Bandwidths
a.. Sample Rates up to 5 GS/s
a.. 2 Channels
a.. Full VGA Color LCD on all Models
a.. Built-in Floppy Disk Drive For Easy Storage and Documentation
a.. 21 Automatic Measurements
a.. Centronics Port Standard on all Models for Quick, Convenient Hardcopies
a.. 9-bit Vertical Resolution
a.. Multi-Language User Interface
a.. QuickMenu User Interface Mode for Quick, Easy Operation
a.. Modules for RS-232,VGA Communication Ports
a.. Advanced Triggers, such as, Glitch, Width, and Logic Standard on 4
Channel Models
a.. Telecommunications Mask Testing (TMT)
a.. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for Frequency and Harmonic Analysis
Standard on 4 Channel Models
a.. Extended Video Application Module
a.. Support for Active Probes, Differential Probes, and Current Probes that
Provide Automatic Scaling and Units

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