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Farnell DTV 20 Oscilloscope


Bill Harvey

Jan 1, 1970

I have just acquired a Farnell DTV 20Mhz Oscilloscope.
I would not have gone out and bought a scope but I have dabbled in basic
electronics and Robotics, I have got by so far without an Oscilloscope but
have had replies to some of my posts saying check the output with an
Oscilloscope, I was looking at getting a PC version winscope but then this
came along.

Anyway three questions:-

1. My knowledge of electronics is pretty basic but is this scope any good
for basic electronics, checking digital outputs, frequencies etc.

2. Any idea where I can find a manual for this scope.

3. Should I send it to a museum

Many thanks

"It's best to know what your looking for before you start"

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Freddo Frog

Jan 1, 1970
Hi Bill,

A 20MHz scope is plenty good enough for basic electronic work, particularly
while you are learning.
The vast majority of projects that you will tackle while learning about
electronics will probably require no more than about 10MHz or so of CRO
bandwidth, unless you are going to start off doing some RF related projects.
It will prove to be a very valuable tool to you.
Unless you are already familiar with the operation of an oscilloscope, I
would suggest googling for some tutorial info on how to get the best out of
the instrument. Once you gain a good level of proficiency with the
instrument you will wondoe how you ever managed without it.

Good luck!

Bill Harvey

Jan 1, 1970
Thanks for the re-assurance.

I have searched for info on this tupe of Oscilloscope but cannot find
anything, I have found an advert for a guy who has a manual he wants 15
Euros so I'll probably get it.

Do you know of anywhere I could find basic info on using an Oscilloscope??