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Favourite white LED torches.


Clive Mitchell

Jan 1, 1970
Any opinions on the ever increasing range of white LED torches available
these days?

Good un's or duffers.


Jan 1, 1970
I've had some 1, 3 and an 8 LED (T type) flashlights. I was never really
impressed with brightness or battery life. I bought a Dorcy Luxeon
flashlight that runs on 3AAA batteries. It has the LED at the bottom of a
rather deep parabolic reflector. I must say I was impressed when I first
turned it on : )

I was expecting abysmal battery life, but is remains at high brightness for
a decent amount of time then drops to a middle level for a long period. It
gradually dimmed, but still produced usable brightness when I checked an
found the batteries very week. I replaced them out of fear of leakage. LEDs
allow much better low battery performance than incandescent.

This flashlight has a useless and annoying (to me) blink mode. You have to
press the button twice to get the flashlight turned off.