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FCC part 15 ISM-band RF modules with low duty cycle?

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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

Jan 1, 1970
Pardon me if these questions sound stupid, RF is not my field.. but:

All the COTS RF transceiver modules I can find are apparently tuned
for part 15 compliance during continuous operation; i.e. their Tx
power is derated according to the duty cycle of the encoding protocol
they're using, in a worst-case 100% utilization scenario. I'm looking
for a transceiver that can send 88 bits per second, but at a high
speed, bursted in such a way that it has a lower overall duty cycle so
the Tx power can be increased (and hence, the range). I'm
guesstimating it should be possible to get the kind of data bandwidth
I want inside an average 15-20% duty cycle, probably even quite a bit
less if the module operates in the 900MHz band.

This is a low-volume (one-time experiment) thing, I can't contemplate
trying to build a home-made module. Is there such a thing as a module
with on-board microcontroller that will handle the buffering and
bursting I need?

Or am I totally exploring the wrong route - should I be looking at
amateur solutions? I was originally looking at cellular, but there are
huge advantages (power, cost, network availability) to using a
dedicated radio link.