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Fender Rumble 100 bass combo, 2006



Jan 1, 1970
S/S o/p not valve, question concerning Fender and RoHS policy.
Up to now if anyone asked me for advice on buying long-term reliable amps
etc I'd say avoid anything with a green sticker on the back saying RoHS. Up
to now I've also said its probably ok to buy recent USA equipment. But it
looks as though I'll have to change that to "if it says made in the USA on
the back". Or would that be false advice. ?
This Fender fell over onto concrete and got a stove in front panel. But
issue for this thread is there is no statement on the back saying anything
about RoHS or PbF but pa and prea boards have RoHS printed on the overlay
and obviously nasty soldering and "Made in Indonesia" on the back .

Is there post-2006 equipment marked "Made in USA" but hides RoHS boards and
components inside?