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Files for AWGs with regular math

Introducing a new version of CAP Tool, the mathematical, hardware-independent
arbitrary pattern creation tool. This upgrade can output patterns in the the XY
..csv format used by many benchtop AWGs, including several made by Agilent,
Tektronics and others. This version also contains GUI, .dsc file and help
improvements and bug fixes.

Most pattern creation tools can only produce output for a specific development
environment or AWGs produced by a specific vendor. Knowledge of the software
has no portability. CAP Tool is different. I lets you create complex arbitrary
waveform patterns for both benchtop AWGs and automated testing. It supports
a variety of formats, including C/C++ header, Tcl, Rigol .rdf, Syscomp,
clipboard to spreadsheet and now XY .csv.

The "CAP" in CAP Tool - short for "Computed Analog Pattern" - refers to the use
mathematical expressions to define arbitrary patterns. With an embedded
compiler, CAP Tool supports standard math like trig, log and exponential functions
and a suite of custom functions for generating square waves, triangle waves and
simulated glitches. To learn more and download a one month free trial, visit: