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Fincor 5205P0 3 phase 5HP VFD motor controller connections and specs


P E Schoen

Jan 1, 1970
I've been looking for an inexpensive 230 VAC VFD of about 5 HP and I found
this deal for $59 with free shipping and return guarantee:

But there is no manual available and a search says it is obsolete, although
some places will repair it for $600-$950. The photos show just three
pushbuttons for control and no apparent way to control speed or view
information. There are similar units for sale that seem to have various
front panels with controls and metering. Also, the specs show it to be
0-60/120 Hz output, which is much less than most modern VFDs which go up to
400 Hz for overclocking.

I could get a 3 kW (4 HP) new drive (from China) for just $140 including

I probably can't go far wrong with the Fincor drive, as the parts are
probably worth $60, and I can probably figure out where to connect a speed
control pot, but there are other motor parameters that I would need to set,
such as number of poles. My motor is a 5 HP 4 pole 230/460V model. I plan to
use this on a small tractor where I will use a battery pack of 240 VDC

Anyone have any information on this drive, or the Chinese cheapies?