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Fixed : Samsung TXJ2754 bottom half of vertical missing



Jan 1, 1970
OK. Six months have passed and I found an original remote (replica) in
MCM for $ 7 (beats the $ 60 original remote available 6 months ago). I
bought the remote, pressed "mute,1,8,2,power on" with the power off.
The unit powers up, goes into adjustment mode, I find the vertical
software adjustments. I adjust the vertical adjustment and wallah unit
is fixed !!!!!!!

Original message from 9/2006 :
This set has some (1/2 inch) retrace lines at the top of the CRT. From
the center down there is no vertical deflection. I've changed some
capacitors in the vertical along with the vertical output IC (LA7845)
and have the same problem. All low value resistors in Vertical look
good, no obvious signs. Ther are several zener diode that look ok in
circuit along with other diodes / transistors. Does anyone have any
information on this set ? I've Googled and found no vertical problems
with this model. Take Care !