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Fixing old camcorder 10 pin ribbon cable connection


May 19, 2017
May 19, 2017

I have been trying to fix my old camcorder (Sony-Handycam-CCD-TRV46)

I have problems with 10 pin ribbon cable connection which got split into two pieces. I am going to use soldering method to join them, but I lost other half of ribbon cable. (

I have attached circuit board image here

How can I connect 9 pin into 10 pin on to the circuit board?

This is circuit board that I want to connect with 10 pin!
This is how I want to connect.

I am using youtube tutorial to connect to a ribbon cable using another ribbon cable which can connect to circuit board.

I am planning to solder only between two ribbon cable using wires. The breaking of the original cable was due to poor arrangement and moment of eject of cassette.

Please suggest me how to find out which pin goes where? I am confused with corner pins A and B and BIG pin 1 to know if it splits as two to make it 10 pin. I purchased addition ribbon cable to solder both together to prevent short circuit.

I do not want to connect incorrectly, So, I need your suggestions. Please let me know if you need any information.

similar to one of these:

I found this
in this pdf there is a part name CN935, page 43,85 and important page 80.
10 and 9 got 2 pins connected to one, is it ok to go with Big1 as 2 pins?
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