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FS/FT: Big load of Solartron, Sangamo Weston, West test gear of various kinds (Yorkshire, UK)


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Jan 1, 1970
I don't really have any idea what any of this does - there's a
Mechanical Reference Synchroniser (Solartron) and a Digital
Time/Frequency Analyser (Solartron) but as for the rest, ???

I tried to sell it on eBay but there were no takers. Please view the
details at:

Basically I just want rid of this stuff - I don't want to see it go to
landfill. Anyone who can take it away and bung me a few beer
vouchers/interesting piece of testgear or components (I'm interested
in AF testgear and big transformers/capacitors mainly, but will
consider anything) is welcome to take it away.

If you live reasonably near (stuff is located in Bradford, West
Yorkshire) but don't have transport and would like it delivered, I
will do that if you can pay for the cost of the fuel used.

Thanks for reading,