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Futaba M202LD05AA info anyone?


Sergey Kubushin

Jan 1, 1970
Does anybody have any info on Futaba M202LD05AA VFD? Connector pinout,
electrical, programming?

I did try to ask Futaba but they are not responsive, my requests were
ignored. That means I will probably never buy anything from them for
production but I happen to have something like a hundred of those VFDs that
I want to use.

They are 20x2 big 7x9 digits VFD, probably used in some cache registers or
something like this. Futaba does not have any useful info on their site and
even those "datasheets" they do have are more like marketing crap than real
data :( Itron/Noritake is way better in that respect and they are really
responsive--they do send real datasheets, even for older parts that are not
available in PDF...