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Fwd: Agilent gauging interest in older HP app notes


John Miles, KE5FX

Jan 1, 1970
FYI, Mike Kawasaki's marketing group at Agilent has been responsible
for gathering and posting a significant amount of older Hewlett-Packard
manuals and application notes to Agilent's web and FTP servers lately.
He just posted this request to the hp_agilent_equipment group on Yahoo,
and I thought it'd be a good idea to repost it here in case anyone has
any long-lost favorites to request.

It's worth taking a few moments to help him out, if only to say thanks
for supplying so much interesting reading material. Between and , a lot of good stuff has come to
light recently.

-- john, KE5FX

----------Notice from Mike Kawasaki pasted below----------

Hello everyone,

I'm pursuing a project to post many of the older HP Application
Notes onto the Agilent website.

I could really use your help! Please write me an email mentioning
your favorite Application Notes (that aren't on the web site today).

My budget is limited and I want to prioritize based on customer
feedback. This is a chance for you to influence which ANs get
digitized for all customers.

Please send your email by 5 January. To force you to prioritize :)
please list no more than 20.

You can send me the AN #, Title or Description.

Mike Kawasaki
mike_kawasaki (at)



Jan 1, 1970
John Miles said:
FYI, Mike Kawasaki's marketing group at Agilent >
Mike Kawasaki
mike_kawasaki (at)


I don't know **** about his arse.

Last time I checked hard disks were free and you can also get a domain name
and computer for less than it cost me to read your shit.

So, beyond being stupid..... what is your problem?