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Gateway Profile 3 with 15" LCD, needs repair $139


Gene Larson

Jan 1, 1970

This is a Gateway Profile 3 15" LCD all-in-one PC. When I got it, it
was missing the power supply. I hooked it up to a 12 volt supply, and
it ran fine. It had Windows98 on it. I installed Windows 2000, and
started to install the updated drivers I had downloaded from the net,
then one of the wires I had plugged into it for power slipped out and
arced against the chassis :-( I let it sit for awhile, and then
re-connected it. The power LED still comes on, the hard drive LED
blinks for a second, and I can hear the CPU fan running, and the DVD
drive will open and close....but there's no video, and it doesn't sound
like the hard drive is booting up. Perhaps someone more experienced
than I can fix it easily. I guarantee it will light up and function as
described, but it's condition is otherwise unknown now.