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Genius SW-Flat2.1 850 problem


Jun 27, 2010
Jun 27, 2010

Like the title and category says I'm trying to repair an audio set that connects this way:

computer - > bass -> 2 speakers

When connected like this the bass sounds but the speakers don't and when I connect individually the speakers to the computer they sound so It's a problem in the electronic circuit.

I've checked the tracks on the PCB and they're fine, the capacitors are good (they don't have the electrolite outside and the poliester caps just look good) and the resistors look good too.

I'm guessing the problem is in one of the ICs, it has an 4558 a L7815CV and other 2 ICs that have the number covered by glue or with a heatsink, the one that has a heatsink is a DIP-16 and the other is a TO-220 with 9pins (its number ends with 2007A).

It has 2 transistors and the don't seem burned or something, one is a PNP (2n3906) and the other is NPN (2n3904) the datasheet says they complement each other but I don't know in what way.

Any clue? :confused:

Thanks in advance.
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