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Jan 1, 1970
Hi Mum and Dad,

Found this interesting page, have a look and click on the links inside.

It looks like the German drivers license will happen after all my doubts.
They changed the rules last year, Germany and Australia signed a
reciprocal agreement allowing Ozzies to swap their license for a German
one and vice versa. I have to give them my OZ license when I get the
Kraut one, they send it back to Australia so if I move back I can reclaim
it. Best part is that there are no theory or driving tests at all, and the
German license is for life - no renewals or eye tests.

We got your Xmas card and school pics today - thanks very much for that!

Geoff and Chris

PS It's just started to snow, lucky I brought the Xmas tree inside this morning!
Temp. is 0.5degC and it gets dark around 4:30pm

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