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Goodmans AM/FM tuners.

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Dave Plowman (News)

Jan 1, 1970
I've 'won' five AM/FM tuners from the same source - a small hotel where
they were used for the bedroom radio distribution system. One works fine -
the others all have the same fault(s). They are Goodmans brand, made in
Korea, Model GST5200 and are PLL synthesised tuning. I'd say they date
from the early '90s by the construction - no surface mount and obsolete
logic chips.

They all appear to tune (by the display) and the memory for the push
buttons work too. The AM and FM sections are totally separate apart from
the tuning. There is shash on the outputs, but tuning appears to make no
difference to either AM or FM.

Normally I'd just bin them but if it's the same fault on all it might be
just worth the bother of fixing them as they look straight out of the box,
and the working one sounds fine.