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GSM send/recieve unit

I am currently interested in creating a car alarm that can send/
recieve SMS. I know it has been done to death but I am going to
integrate it with a cheap GPS reciever and Google maps to provide a
cheap (as cheap as the network provider) on demand tracking service.

Basically I have found a cheap GPS reciever but I havent found a unit
that might be able to do the GSM stuff. I would be controlling it with
a cheap microcontroller so hopefully it could handle itself pretty

Anyway thanks for any advice, and sorry if I am too vague, basically a
link or two to places that might sell such things would be a great

Anthony Fremont

Jan 1, 1970
Sparkfun has some nice products. You might have better luck getting
responses if you post into sci.electronics.basics and They tend to have more activity. Also
comp.arch.embedded is a good newsgroup for microcontroller based projects.

Thanks anthony!