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Hakko 472 component values?



Jan 1, 1970
Have a 473 (uses shop air to create vacuum via venturi) and would like to
retrofit internal vacuum pump to make it essentially a 472.

Have all the guts from 472 and want to stuff empty locations on 472/473 PCB
with components to make it 472-compatible.

Someone with a 472 be willing to convey a few (about 12) component values to

PM me if you do.

sparkyguy442 (the yahoo place)


Jan 15, 2010
Jan 15, 2010
I don't have the info you need, but wanted to add a caution to think about when you do this. Hope you get the schematic you need.
OFTEN times, a printed circuit board that is stuffed for one model of a device, that is also used for a second model of the same basic device. Will have a few other components on the board that will be different between the two devices. You have to be careful if you just add parts to the board, because some of the existing components on the board may have been chosen to compensate for the missing parts (that are used in the second board).
Just wanted to make you aware of this. If you get the schematic of the board you're adding the parts to, be sure to look at the other existing parts on the first board, to make sure that's what's called for on the second board (so you don't damage your circuit board).
Hope I was clear here.
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