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Halogen-free Flame Retardants Market Worldwide/New Study by



Jan 1, 1970
New Study by


Halogen-free Flame retardants market will increase from 1.62 bn US $
in 2005 and to 2.72 bn US $ in 2010 worldwide. Nanotechnology will
play the key role in improving fire-retardant performance and reducing
production costs.Halogen-free flame retardants show strong increase
worldwide. In Western Europe, USA and Japan, the public consciousness
of the hazardous halgonenated products, the industrial end-user
initiatives and the environmental legislation push together the market
trend to halogen-free products. In China, Eastern Europe and other
parts of Asia, the booming economy and the strengthened fire
protection standards stimulate the market of fire retardants overall,
from which the halogenated and non-halogenated products both

The highest increase is to be seen in China with more than 13 percent.
Slightly slow growth in Western Europe and USA, ranging from 9%-11%,
The world market in total will grow from 1.62 bn US $ in 2005 and to
2.72 bn US $ in 2010. The average global annual growth rate is more
than 10%, in comparison with 5% of the general flame retardants
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