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handheld dictionary help



Jan 1, 1970
I would like to build an embedded system, I have limited experienc
with an hc11 microcontroller, but I have good c,c++,java,assembl
skills. I would like to build a hand held electronic dictionary.
want an lcd screen(2-3 lines) connected to thin "flimsy" keypad
size of the system approximately 4"x6",and it can be run by batter
or possibly solar.. and I would like to mass produce these for a
cheap as possible(under 5 dollars?). That is the final goal. What
need is guidance as to starting this project. As of right now I hav
nothing. I do not know what hardware to buy, where to buy it, and ho
to set it up t
begin programming on it. I need advice to help get the ball rolling
any comments or suggestions would be awesome.. I have a breadboard
would like to buy the minimum amount of hardware necessary, set it u
and program it on breadboard, then from there convert it into fina
project. Since this will be acting as a dictionary, I may have up t
5000 words stored or more..


Jan 1, 1970
You may want to consider looking at Microchip PICS. They are friendly,
easy to use, simple microcontrollers with relatively inexpensive
development tools. On top of all of this, you will need access to
tools, such as an oscilloscope and a logic analyzer, probably as a

Aside from the microcontroller, to design a system as complex as you
describe will require a broad understanding of both analog and digital
electronics. Obviously this is no simple task. I would recommend
that you start with a book on electronic projects, geared towards your
present skill level, and work up from there.