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Have three blown POST Diagnostic Cards and require help...

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Jan 1, 1970
Owner of three blown post diagnostic cards requires your help...
Problem is that China Inc. actually went through the trouble
to grind off the chip part numbers :-(
Though "debug cards" can now be had for as low as $10, there
is the desire to refine one's surfacemount soldering skills
and to replace what looks like 10 cent TTL glue logic.

Here is a picture of the same card I have, but with part numbers:

All the cards sold now look like they retain their chip part
numbers. Most of the inexpensive PCI-ISA post cards from the
various vendors appear to use the same generic circuit. An
observation based mainly on:
- common features
- pdf manual downloads on vendor sites
- chip count plus the same number of 14, 16 and 20 pin chips
The only difference being variations in layout and quality.

If someone purchased this type of card with chip part numbers,
could you either post or e-mail the numbers on the following
ten chips.

U2 -
U3 - (looks like a 74LS02 in the above picture link)
U4 -
U5 - (looks like it reads 74LS04)
U6 -
U7 -
U8 - (looks like GAL16V8)
U9 - (looks like GAL16V8)
U11 -
U12 - (looks like 74F74)

Even better would be if someone has a schematic diagram or went
through the bother to trace one out. If the GAL16V8 chips are blown
one would be SOL, but there is glue logic between them and the bus.

As they say... Strike three and you're out...