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Headphone Amplifier + Speaker Amplifier


Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012
Hi i was wondering if any one would able to point me in the right direction i know little
about electronic components but can solder and have a few bit's and bobs..

Im looking to make a attachment for my metal-detector that will include a speaker and its
own amplifier and will become an attachment feature i have thought of adding blue-tooth
module to this project and will all be boxed with and input and out put jack..

Here is what im working with i would like the best sound i can get really has to be
good quality and be distinguishable against all the tones that the metal detector

I have the schematics of the metal detector and also i was wondering if any one could
point me in the right direction i had an old panasonic subwoofer i got ages ago and
just used the speakers but the sub was driven by a built in amp so got me thinking..

I stripped it down as i wanted to see what parts i can salvage for my project i come across
a 8 pin dip chip and also loads of resistors and diodes and other bits and pieces..

Im wanting to make it relatively small maybe 20cm long or 15cm
roughly by about 5cm wide maybe a little more that is just a rough
estimate looking at where i will be attaching it to the metal detector..

Depending what functions comes along with the "Panasonic RSN311W64B Module"
this is what i was going to use for my main amplifier..

Is this even possible and if so could any one point me in the right
direction i looking to use as much of the module as possible if it
has tone features of any kind or anything really that will help in
achieving a better quality sound than my Metal Detector offers..

I have found a pinout i think and some schematics that may be
able to help im looking to run this as low as voltage as i can with
maximum being 18v remote control car battery of some kind i see
it takes a 14.7v input but im not sure about this..

Has any one a data sheet or some input in what im trying to achieve..

This is where i salvaged all my parts from so i can use any parts of this and also
buy any thing else i need..


Bigger pictures can be found at below link

Here is the schematics of a circuit using the "Panasonic RSN311W64B Module"..:eek:

Bigger version of the schematics can be found below..

And the specific RSN311W64B Pinout.

Im wanting to try and use the parts i have got to make it smaller and portable enough
to fit the metal detector..Is this even possible using this "Panasonic RSN311W64 Module"
there is also a 8pin dip micro controller that obviously drives some thing i also have a dip
programmer but never used it :D.

Im not sure of the capabilities of this module so until i know that i wont know what functions
i can add i know i need two speaker's built in a jack plug for head phones
and jack plug of input from metal detector which will be done by "jack plugs"..

What are the capability of this module and what pins do what and also how much
power is she going to need...

Thought it would be a fun thing to try out..

Thank you for any imput or help :)..
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