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Heathkit Projection TV parts


Bill Polskoy

Jan 1, 1970
To all:
I am looking for a parts source for my Heathkit GR-4000 projection TV.
It is a vintage late 1970's early 1980's and is based on the Advent
brand Videobeam Television.
Specifically, I need a picture tube yoke for the green tube which has
gone bad. The TV is in working condition, but because of the bad
yoke, shows everything in only two colors. After contacting Heath in
Benton Harbor and finding out that they had unloaded all of their old
kit parts to a dealer somewhere in Louisianna, I called the number
they gave me and it was not in service. A cross-reference from a
Heath part number for this yoke may help to locate a source for one.
Anyone out there have any info on this equipment? Thanks.

Leonard G. Caillouet

Jan 1, 1970

The guy in Louisiana that bought up the parts may have been Bob Keebler in
Baton Rouge. He was one of the original Advent trained techs and worked on
them for years after the company was gone. AFAIK he is not in business any
more but you might look him up. He may know where to find the parts if he
doesn't have any.