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HELP AV Receiver Clipping/Static



Jan 1, 1970
Hello all, I own a Aiwa AV-D58 receiver that I have been very happy
with for a few years now. Never any problems until recently.

At first I was getting "Over Level" warnings with a lot of clipping
and loud intermitent static. I attributed it to the input volume and
lowered all of the settings. Success until tonite. Now I have been
getting the same symptoms although alot more frequently and any
attempts to quiet them is futile. I finally unplugged everything and
hooked the VCR up to AUX 1 with 1 mono line so my son could watch
cartoons! That has done the trick for now....

I have tried resetting, allowing the receiver to cool down (although
no signs of overheating), eliminating all but one speaker at a time,
input volumes, different volume configurations etc.

Question...Any ideas what may be causing the problem and secondly I
just ordered a service manual online, am I getting in over my head by
hoping to fix anything myself???

Thanks in advance - Todd