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HELP Hiding the code# on access control system


Malcolm Walls

Jan 1, 1970
I am installing an access control system in a place where there are confused
patients who might wander away.
Authorized people have to key a code number into a keypad to open the door
leading to the outside.
The fire marshal has decreed that the code must be posted near the keypad so
that people in a "Panic" situation will be able to leave.
The system is tied into the fire alarm and the doors are unlocked if there
is a fire alarm.

How can I post the number without giving away the whole game?
I know that the very confused people will not be able to figure it out even
with the number posted but there are some who are still pretty sharp a lot
of the time.
Any Ideas?
What have other guys done in the same situation?


Jan 1, 1970
Two codes, the one posted trips a sounder, the other one doesn't. Both
unlock the door.


Jan 1, 1970
If it were me...I would install a Blue Pull Station Labeled "Emergency Door
Release". STI makes a 2400 series which has a two sets of contacts on it. I
run the lock power through the NC contacts, and monitor the NO contacts when
the Pull Station is activated. I install these Pull Stations on EVERY
Magnetically Locked door. It's a good habit. I agree with the Fire Marshall,
panic, or emergency situations will arise. Especially in your application.
Plus they are ADA compliant (STI 2400). Where your code hanging next to the
keypad is not.