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help in programmer for 89lpc932



Jan 1, 1970
Dear sirs

First of all thank you for your time.

I need a help do development a programmer for 89lpc932 or family.
If somebody have a schematic, please send me.

msn: [email protected]

Joe G \(Home\)

Jan 1, 1970
Hi Demonio,

Application note AN10221"AN10221"

1. There are a few ways to program the P89LPC932.

ISP - In-System-Programming using the UART of he LPC932 (and the internal
boot loader code) - with free "Flashmagic Software"

- Uses - Break detect to jump to ISP bootloader OR 3 quick pulses
after RESET to jump to the boot loader

ICP - In-Chip-Programming using synchronous clocking of the LPC932, to
sequence program the LPC932 (can not be programmed by the UART alone).

- Uses 7 quick pulses on RESET to jump ICP mode

IAP - In-Applications-Programming - While the LPC932 is code executing -
make function calls to program the code flash from your own code

Paralell Programming - Using a parallell programmer

2. There is an improved version of the P89LPC932 called the P89LPC932A1
(better bootloader amongst other things).
For new designs I recommend the A1 version

3. MCB900 *** Highly recommended ***

If the NXP (formerly Philips) LPC900 series of micro is new to you (this
includes the P89LPC932) then I perhaps a complete development kit
will save you all the heart ache.

The well known Keil MCB900 development is well recommended for 1st timers..
and is very cost effective... Street price is $59 USD + freight

One place to purchase is here

Many people don't often get the programming circuit working 1st time....
hence the MCB900 will get you off to a great start.

Sorry - I am a little biased towards the MCB900 kit - but I seen how easy it
is to get going - and the many posts on the Flashmagic forum from people
trying tobuild their own programmer and having problems.

If you must build your own programmer then you may like to copy the Keil
MCB900 circuit from on the left handside is
the schematic.
==> Also see Page 5 of this PDF

Free Programming software is available from Flashmagic (included in the
MCB900 kit) available here

5. There is a LPC900 Yahoo User Group here

Free to register and download files

6. Generating C code for LPC932 and other LPC900 micros