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Help needed identifying capacitors

I've been trying to figure out these caps, but am having trouble with
the second lines on the orange ones and everything on the reddish one.
The top lines on the orange caps should be the value (## & Multiplier),
plus the tolerance code. Apparently the bottom lines are vendor
specific, but I have no idea where to start. I've dug through some
ceramic capacitor manufacturer's data sheets with no luck. Anyone have
any idea?



Arfa Daily

Jan 1, 1970
Obviously posting html code doesn't work... this is the link to the
full size image of the capacitors:
The caps that you have posted pictures of, all have their values marked in
standard nomenclature - that is digit one, digit 2, multiplier, for a value
expressed in pF. So, the first one marked "154" is 150,000pF or 0.15uF. The
second one is 100,000pF or 0.1uF and so on, down to the last one which is
100pF ie "1", "0" and then 1 zero.

The same system applies to striped caps. The standard resistor colour code
is used from the top down. So a cap marked yellow purple yellow is 470,000pF
or 0.47uF. The remaining stripes are tolerance and voltage working. Try
looking here for more info :-

Thanks for the help, what I really was trying to figure out were the
second lines on the orange caps (the line which looks something like
"lH˙ll."), and the codes on the last cap (P101J and the "100.G:"). I'm
not sure which character would be the tolerance code where it is marked
P101J, and also what does the "100.G:" marking mean...