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[HELP] Please, laser pick-up noise with car-player Pioneer P5530



Jan 1, 1970

Even if I read the NG periodically I would not only mail just to ask help,
but this thing drives me crazy and I'm trying to understand the cause.

I have a new car CD player (Pioneer Deh-p5530mp), I connected it to the car
and first it seems to be fine.
The day after I noticed a noise from speakers.
The noise is created by CD player, I hear the spinning rotation of the disc
and the positioning of the pick-up laser.
Thinking about a ground loop, I have tried the device to the bench but the
disturbance persists and I have understood it's present on a single channel
(left); It's there with internal amplified Out and with Pre-Out.

The disturbance is rather low and to fixed level, raising the volume this
does not increase.
I have made all the possible tests with grounds, no success. And I think
it's strange it's on a channel only.
I will be happy if you have some help with regard to, is one of those things
that become a fixed idea.
Thanks indeed for the attention.