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Help Please With Very Small Ribbon Cable


Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015
Hi folks, Im hoping someone cab help me out with this. My car a small A class mercedes from year 2000 had an airbag light on. I took out the LCD button for it as its an MOT failure with it showing. The airbag will deploy as it is but it wont auto cancel in case of a front child seat. I dont carry children in any case so thats ok for me. BUT, in my quest to do the repair I pulled apart the two halves of the instrument cluster only to find to ny horror that I had inadvertently broken the connection of a small ribbon cable which is glued on to the PCB. The cable is now too short due to my own attempt at soldering it back on, a mission I failed at miserably as the soldering iron just melts it away, plastic wires and all. Im open to any suggestion as to what to do next Im not an electrician of any sort. The make of the cluster unit is Magnet Marelli and its made in France. I enclose photos to show the problem its very intricate as you will see I count 31 connections in the space of 18mm


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