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help, security camera system for 3 story apartment building needed, hopefully able to view from my h



Jan 1, 1970
I have a 3-story multi-unit apartment building, each floor is about 60
feet wide and 120 feet long. I need to put at least 4 cameras security
system, hopefully 6-8 if costs not high. I also like to be able to see
via Internet from my own home (100 kms away). I suffer some vandalism
e.g. someone punching holes in the wall, so hopefully the cameras are
not fragile. but low cost and be able to function through walls up to
150 feet is my priority. I prefer wireless if not too expensive and if
they works.

(I tried X10 system which claimed to work up to 100 feet including
barriers. but it did not work for 20 feet if there is a wall.)

I look for costs hopefully around $1000. I am near Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada. thanks ahead.