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HELP!! Temperature sensor



Jan 1, 1970
Babich said:
We made the temperature sensor with DS1621 and we have problem reading
temperature. It always displays temperature of -60 C (-76 F). (both of
them). We used following shematic

Please help us!!!

According to the web iste supplied:

Tech facts:

* displays both indoor and outside temperature on the Windows
taskbar (see figure)
* plugs in any free PC com port
* range -20 ... +125°C (-4 ... 257°F)

You said it displays -60 C.

Did you modify the software ???

If your wireing is correct, run the software as down-loaded, without any

Maaybe you can give more information about what you did. If we can not
see your circuit we can not help you.



Jan 1, 1970
there is something strange about that circuit.
i noticed that its not using the RX input ?
does this mean the chips do not generate a standard
RS232 output? maybe., it this is the case then i think
it maybe OS related. i haven't see the source code the
problem but i bet you maybe working in W2k or XP? in which
case depending on how the code is writne it won't work.
and even if the commEscape function was being used it
still may not work due to timing lag... etc..