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help with ir and laser please



Jan 1, 1970
i'm a geocacher and i have an idea for a nifty night cache but i'll
need a ton of help implementing it. what i'd like to do is send
people to specific coordinates in the woods at night and have them
shine thier (tv dvd cd vcr etc) ir remote control into a tree where i
have an ir reciever that will respond to any button they push by
turning on a laser pointer that i have aimed at the cache a hundred or
so yards away. Ideally the laser would stay on for three to five
minutes to give the cacher time to get to the cache but not so long as
to drain batteries or damage the laser. i would need some kinda solar
cell to charge up the batteries during the day and maybe a Cds so the
receiver and laser will only draw after dark. any help or links would
be GREATLY appreciated. gotta have the neatest cache in the area ya
know. i'm pretty ham fisted, and not the greatest solderer so any
help, no matter how simplistic would be great.

TIA doug