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HF transformer losses less with reduced magnetization path

Hi all,

I have two Metglas C cores forming a high frequency transformer O
core. I found that wrapping primary and secondary windings on the
same bobbin as opposed to wrapping them on separate bobbins on
opposite sides of the core has a profound improvement in transformer
core efficiencies. I am aware that doing so would reduce the
leakage inductance significantly, but that shouldn't affect core
hysteresis efficiencies (up to 10% more efficient) I would think
I'm recycling flyback currents anyway. Perhaps covering half the
transformer with windings instead of most of it reduces core eddy
currents, but as these cores are laminated composites I believe the
eddy currents are low as it is. Either way, with a reduced
magnetization path the coupling is better. I just don't quite
understand what core loss mechanism is subdued in doing so. Any

Thank you,