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Hi all. I need some help sourcing some parts.


Jan 22, 2023
Jan 22, 2023
Hi. A few years ago I started a project making ecig Pipes. I bought myself a wood lathe and made some prototypes which went down really well with folks. However, I fell on hard times and had to sell most of my stuff, including my wood lathe. I have now landed back on my feet and I have just bought myself a Jet wood lathe and I really want to get back into making these e cig pipes. Unfortunatly, I am stuck for places to find the electronic parts I need such as buttons, controllers and batteries. I have attached a few pics of the pipes I made way back when, and I would really love to find a good supplier of the electronics that go into making these things work. Initially I am looking for small on/off buttons, the type you push and hold to work. Also, the fitting that the ecig tank screws into, I think it is refered to as a 510 fitting. I hope the pictures give you some idea, and if you need any more info, I will do my best to provide it. please forgive me for not knowing technical speak, I am more of a heavy grunt than a tech head, but I am a fast learner.


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