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Jan 1, 1970
Model # DT-2730MS Chassis # KMK-22901, used on computer, but problem
is the same on all
inputs. It has jail bars right side of screen when contrast is set
low, replaced two caps by the flyback, C922 10 uf @ 250 volts
(leaked), & C928 4.7 uf @ 400 volts (was a bit low). Problem is still
there. Customer said at first unit has a "tearing" picture on the top,
that goes away after a few minutes. I can't get it to show that fault.
Also, only one of the two focus pots on the flyback works, the dynamic
focus on the CRT board doesn't work. Can't find anything on the
Panasonic site, or online anywhere. Made in 1995. Anyone work on one
of these? Thanks, Dani.