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Hitachi 50UX15K



Jan 1, 1970
Your tips are appreciated: This TV worked very nicely and, considering
its age (1993), it is still working fine. However, the upper left and
bottom right corners of the screen are yellowish. I brought up a cross
hatch on the screen and tried to perform convergence adjustments. I am
able to move the blue and red lines up/down and left/right. The
vertical line (up and down) is white with no problems. But the
horizontal line (left/right) remains yellowish even when the colors
converge, especially on the left side. I am unable to converge the
colors exactly on top of each other all across the line. For example,
if I converge it on the left side, the blue will go out on the right
and vice versa. Even when I seem to converge all three colors anywhere
on the line, it still appears yellowish. It does not look completely
white to me. This explains why I have yellow in the picture in some
spots. Any ideas are appreciated.