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Hitachi AX-M68D DAB/FM tuner module


Neil Smith

Jan 1, 1970

I just bought 2 x Hitachi AX-M68D CD/FM/DAB micro HiFi units at an auction,
but both seem to suffer from the same problem. Neither of them seem to be
able to pick up any radio signals. They come with a telescopic aerial (and
I've tried external aerials too) but just get mainly static on FM & 'not
available' on DAB. Tuned to a pretty strong radio station on FM, I can just
about hear voices in the noise, but that's it.

Opened the box up & all the tuner is is a regulator, the front panel board,
a main board with a few components & a Radioscape DAB/FM module (DRE200
Dual-band Module V2.11) I emailed Radioscape & they told me to go to the
manufacturer, so I've emailed Hitachi this morning, but wanted to check with
you guys to see if you'd come across this issue before.

So, any suggestions?


Neil Smith
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