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Home alarm LED keypad data format


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Jan 1, 1970
I'm working on a project, and I assumed home alarm keypads used a
basic data format on the data pins. I've found two and four wire
devices, but can't find any info on what type of data is transferred.
It appeared that it used proprietary code, and each keypad had to be
interfaced to it's respective control box. I was hoping to interface
a basic LED keypad to a RabbitCore Module 2100 (I already have one,
that's why i'm using it)

Anyone know what format the data is transmitted in? Is it even worth
bothering with? My other option is just interface a basic 7 pin
number pad to the module, add some led and such.

I'm only trying to interface a basic keypad, I'm not concerned with
lcd readouts or any fancy add-ons. Thanks for any help, Steve