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How to determinate the amount of mercury in MPUV lamps?

I would like to know if anyone can explain how to determinate the
exact amount of mercury into a bulb of a medium pressure mercury lamp
(curing lamp)?

I have only information about the bulb (diameter/lenght) and
electrical data (voltage RMS, ignition voltage, current RMS).

Best Regards,

Jerry Greenberg

Jan 1, 1970
What you are asking is very manufacture dependend. It also depends on
the length, diameter, and required wavelength. There is also some zinc
used. The common types of gasses used are argon, xenon, and neon.
There are lamps that also employ of the rare type of gases as well.
The combinations and relative quantities are what will determine the
wavelength desired.

If you go to look under light source, and you
should be able to find a lot of good technical information there.

You can try to directly contact some of the manufactures of UV lamps
for the most accurate details. They may not give out the exact
amounts and ratios to you, to protect their particular design. But
they will give out a general type of information, when it come to the
precision of their designs.

Jerry G.