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How to implement a DVI interface?

Hello, I have a project that I will be starting soon and it involves
performing image processing of video data. The video data will be
coming from a DVI port on a graphics card. My design will be using
fpga's to do the image processing. My question is: how do I handle or
implement the Extended display identification data when using DVI? I
know that I can get DVI receivers but I'm not familiar how to handle
the EDID? Basically the graphics card will think its connecting to a
monitor so it will expeect the EDID from my box. How do I generate the



Jan 1, 1970
Hello Joe,

I am not a video guy but couldn't you use EPROM and store the EDID
format for your card to read as if it was connected to a flat panel
display? I think that is how it is done 'normally.' I2C communication
from an EPROM in the monitor which is communicated to the graphics