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How to test Logic board for Canon pixma Mp560 printer


Aug 26, 2021
Aug 26, 2021
Hi All,
I am a complete newbie to this site - and to trying to test /repair PCB'S.
I have just stripped down my Canon pixma mp560 to replace the Ink Absorber pads - which on this model are really helpfully in the bottom case!

Anyway, I followed the official Canon Technician's Manual and Parts catalog, and did everything as per their instructions.
I did take precautions with the Logic board assembly as far as being grounded, and using an anti-static mat to put the board on, and then a AS bag to keep it in while I did the pads etc until reassemble time.
Unfortunately the printer does not power on - I get a flashing green led which then turns solid Amber. According to the manual the most likely cause is the logic board - Canon Part # QM3-5526-000.

I would just like to know if there is a simple way to test for any faulty components on the board - or more likely Is it fried?!
I have rechecked all the ribbon cables and other connectors to the board.

Any helpful advice will be appreciated - I am aware that a faulty print head can also be the culprit, but the same symptoms present with the print head removed.