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How to wire radial fan with speed controller?


Aug 5, 2023
Aug 5, 2023
I have a 2200m3/s radial fan that I am attempting to wire up using a speed controller. They were bundled by the manufacturer so I presume they are the correct pairing and the fan motor supports the speed controller. However, I don't have any instructions or manual beyond the diagram on the back of the speed controller.



The speed controller has 6 connections; M, M, GND, GND, N, L. I've wired the speed controller up to the mains (230V 50Hz) using the right-hand three connections; GND, N, L. What I'm not sure about is the two M connections and which way around they go when connecting to the fan motor.


The fan motor has three available connections; Red+Blue, White+Black, and Green/Yellow. The white cables go to the capacitor. The Green/Yellow I know is the ground so will connect that to the available GND on the speed controller.

I just don't know which M on the speed controller goes to the Red+Blue and which M goes to the White+Black. As you may have gathered I am not an experienced electrician. This is for a DIY project.

Thanks for reading, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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