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HP 3456A multimeter service manual and ROMS

I have a very recent HP3456A manual in electronic
format: 314-PAGES @ 600-DPI with nice halftones
and full-page schematics printable on 11x17 paper,
but I'm missing one page. Could someone please
send me a good 600DPI "png" of Page-8-F-4 with
Paragraphs 8-F-17,18,19,20,21,22,23 titled
"A/D Adjustments". [email protected]
I would like to upload the complete manual to BAMA
for everyone's enjoyment.

Also, my meter has a bad ROM. Does anyone
out there have the rom images? I don't really
want to be spending another hunred bucks on
another meter on eBay just so I can burn new
ROMS and have two of them. They are three
8Kx8 24 pin ROMS and I plan to assemble the
three images into a single 27256 ROM and use
an adapter socket.

Thanks from Steev