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HP 8754A HP8754A Software

I am redoing my software for the 8754A. After living with the bugs and
wanting some more features, I figured it was time. If you use this old
system and want to try my new version, or have input on the old one
feel free to drop me a note. The new version will still be free, with
no support.

The older software is still available at:

The new version uses signed data. The scale problems are fixed for all
resolutions and roll over is no longer an issue.

Fixed bug in 2-port cal. SOLT is still not implimented. SOL cal. was
improved to better match the 8501A.

Can now save the panel settings.

Supports GPIB bus other than 0.

Added some LRC measurements. No plans to do curve fitting at this

Fixed timeout shutdown bug that can hang program during exit.

Fixed auto trigger / cal. bug.

You can now drag the program around an use max and min.

Plan to just package all the programs in one bundle.