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I need help with deciphering two-way radio intrinsically safe codes

I really need some help

The issue I am struggling with is the different codes from different
electrical manufacturer assosciations. This has made defining suitable
two-way radio models rather difficult as there is no information that I
have come across that parallels IP, NEMA, MIL-SPEC, and NEC codes.

Perhaps you or your resource pool of infinite knowledge could suggest
some guidance.

I need two units with a Class II, Division I, Group G rating for
Confined Space Entry.
Other units need to be a Class II, Division II, Group G rating for
general Plant Communications.

All manufacturers seem to be supplying an IP 55 or IP 56 code that I
cannot provide documentation to prove to compliance with the NEC codes
sent from head office.

I appreciate any response you may have,

Thank You