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Improving PC microphone voice input?


John Doe

Jan 1, 1970
I am really struggling with this. What can I do soldering wise? what
can I buy? I really need to know how to improve the microphone sound
input to my PC. I would like to eliminate the hiss/noise.

My last effort is an external USB soundcard. It's not bad sounding
like a USB headset microphone I tried once before which produced lots
of hum, but it doesn't seem to be an improvement.

I have also tried some microphones that have adapters in between the
microphone and the soundcard input, apparently to help boost/correct
the bias voltage on the microphone element. It seems to remove some
hiss, but it seems to increase low frequency hum.

I tried hooking up a digital voice recorder to the line input and it
sounds better than direct input through my microphone. Any
suggestions for an inexpensive retail microphone preamp? A low noise
headset microphone? The circumstance requires the input to be from a
headset microphone to help maintain consistent volume.

Thank you.